Viton O-Ring


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Viton O-Ring
Fluorocarbon elastomer

These brown fluorocarbon elastomer (also known as Viton, FKM and FPM) O-rings are well-suited for most scuba applications, especially for use with Nitrox.

All sizes are 90-durometer, except for 003 and 006 which are 75-duro.

Selection Guide

  • 003: High-Pressure Hose and SPG Swivel
  • 006: BC Power Inflator
  • 010: Low-Pressure Hose and 2nd Stage Regulator
  • 011: Low-Pressure Port/Hose and Quick-Disconnect on BC Hose
  • 012: High-Pressure Port/Hose and Manifold and Manifold Port Plugs
  • 013: Large Low-Pressure Port/Hose
  • 111: Small DIN Regulator/Valve (Apeks and Scubapro)
  • 112: Standard DIN Regulator/Valve

Note: While Viton O-rings are safe to use with recreational enriched air mixes, they must be professionally oxygen-cleaned for use with pure oxygen or with technical gas mixes containing more than 40% oxygen.

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003, 006, 010, 011, 012, 013, 111, 112


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