Hogarthian Hose Retainer

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Hogarthian Hose Retainer
Synthetic EPDM

These Hogarthian hose retainers are made from EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) which offers excellent durability and reliability for scuba diving applications. It resists temperature changes, salt, chlorine, sunlight and other adverse conditions much better than other hose retainer materials.

Some divers prefer elastic hose retainers (available here) because they feature a webbing loop which makes it easier to grip them (especially with gloves).

Hoses on your stage and deco cylinders should be neatly stowed and streamlined. This helps reduce drag as well as the risk of entanglement. Some divers use a single hose retainer but XR Scuba prefers to use 2 retainers per cylinder (especially for CCR bailout cylinders). We use 1 retainer at the top, near the shoulder of the cylinder, and another at the bottom, just above the cylinder clamp.

Selection Guide

  • Small: Cylinders between 10 – 14 cm (4 – 5.5 in) diameter (AL30, AL40)
  • Large: Cylinders between 18 – 20 cm (7 – 8 in) diameter (AL80)

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