Harness Adjustment Ring

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Harness Adjustment Ring
Marine-grade stainless steel

The harness adjustment ring (HAR) is a simple and elegant solution for making it easier to don/doff continuous one-piece DIR-style harnesses (especially when wearing thicker exposure protection). It allows the left shoulder strap to be freely adjustable, allowing you to pull out the webbing as needed and then simply re-tighten when you buckle your waistband.

  • Easy tool-free installation
  • No need to cut or adjust your harness
  • Works with any 5.1 cm (2 in) webbing and metal backplate

Installation Guide
If you are assembling a new harness/backplate, simply insert the HAR into the back of your plate’s left waistband slot (as shown in the photo) prior to threading the webbing. Then, instead of weaving the left side of the harness through the plate (as you normally would), thread it through the HAR. Next, add your left side D-ring and any accessories, followed by the waistband buckle. Now your left shoulder webbing is freely adjustable, yet remains completely secure.

If you are installing the HAR on a pre-assembled harness/backplate, start by removing the waistband buckle and any accessories on the left side. Next, pull the webbing out of the left waistband and install the HAR (as shown in the photo). Then thread the webbing back through the HAR and reinstall your accessories and buckle.

If you like, you may install a HAR on each side of your backplate. However, you will need to experiment with a belt slide or D-ring to create a permanent stop on the right side, otherwise the webbing will occasionally slip out of the HAR.

Usage Guide
Pull the left shoulder webbing to enlarge the shoulder loop until the webbing is stopped by the left waist D-ring coming into contact with the HAR. This should create a large opening for your left arm. Once you are properly wearing the harness on both shoulders, pull the left waistband until the left shoulder webbing is as snug as you like. Next, thread your crotch strap, add any righthand side accessories and then buckle your waistband as usual. Once the webbing is under load, the HAR will secure the webbing as firmly as if it were threaded through the backplate.

Reverse the above procedure to get out of your harness with the same ease.

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