O-Ring Cache

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O-Ring Cache

This small aluminium cylinder is ideal for storing your spare O-rings, port plugs, and air spools. Attach to your key-chain or keep it in your save-a-dive kit. The cylinder is waterproof, so you can also use it for keeping other small items dry and clean.

  • Aluminium cap with O-ring seal
  • Brass O-ring pick
  • Key-chain ring

Included O-rings:

  • 111 (1 pc): Small DIN Regulator/Valve (Apeks and Scubapro)
  • 113 (3 pcs): M26x2 Regulator/Valve

Caution: Included O-rings are not recommended for use with gases containing more than 40% oxygen. Add some Viton O-rings to your Cache for use with richer oxygen mixes.

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