CudaX Tech DPV

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CudaX Tech DPV

The new CudaX series from Dive Xtras features an upgraded motor housed in a sleek aluminium body and available in three colour options. The two models (Tech and Exploration) are identical, except that the Exploration offers twice the range and runtime by doubling the battery compartments.


  • All-aluminium construction
  • Built-in vacuum leak test system
  • Dual handle (use with either or both hands)
  • Independently sealed motor and battery compartments
  • Patented double-click speed control
  • Pre-trimmed for neutral buoyancy
  • Travel-friendly
  • User-programmable
  • Water-cooled direct drive motor


  • Depth rating: 300 m (1000 ft)
  • Weight (w/o batteries): 15 kg (34 lb)
  • Length: 62 cm (25 in)
  • Max thrust: 480 N (108 lb)
  • Max speed: 99 m/min (324 ft/min)
  • Runtime: Depends on battery selection
  • Range: Depends on battery selection
  • Batteries: Not included (available)
  • Charger: Not included (available)
  • Tow-cord: Yes, included
  • Tow-harness: Available
  • Camera mount: Available
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in USA


  • Strap and carry handle
  • Front bolt snap
  • Vacuum kit
  • Full spares kit

Eligible for Free Shipping across the UAE.

Our DPVs are non-returnable items. We recommend you visit the Dive Xtras website, read the User Manual, and do your research before making a purchase. XR Scuba is an authorised Dive Xtras dealer and we are happy to answer your questions.

Note: If you choose to purchase your CudaX abroad and bring it back with you to the UAE, you should be aware that XR Scuba may be unable to provide after-sales support (including warranty claims). We will of course do our best to assist you, but may charge for service, spares, and shipment to/from the factory in USA. Alternatively, you can request support directly from the dealer where you purchased your CudaX.

Website: CudaX series overview
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Website: CudaX User Manual
Video: CudaX Quick Start Guide

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Weight 20 kg

Black, Blue, Orange