3-Point Tow Harness

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3-Point Tow Harness

Your BlackTip is a powerful DPV and its tow cord must be connected to a suitable location on your diving harness. Technical divers using a backplate have a crotch strap which works fine for preventing your equipment from moving around, however this may be uncomfortable when used as an attachment point for a high-performance scooter.

The Dive Xtras 3-Point Tow Harness is designed to move thrust loads away from your waist, and distribute them evenly into your hips and thighs. This makes long-duration scootering significantly more comfortable.

The Tow Harness is also useful when using diving equipment which does not incorporate a crotch strap (for example a jacket-style BCD). This enables you to enjoy your BlackTip with recreational dive gear.

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