BlackTip Travel Tube Kit

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BlackTip Travel Tube Kit

If you want a lighter and more compact BlackTip for your recreational dives, you can easily convert your BlackTip Tech to a BlackTip Travel with the Travel Tube Kit which is rated for 100 metres (330 ft).

Conversion is easy. Simply remove your existing Tech Tube (including nose cone and strap), and replace with Travel Tube components.

Kit includes:

  • Travel tube
  • Weighted Nose
  • Strap
  • Internal battery control circuit

Note 1: Store your Tech Tube components in a safe place. It is easy to switch between Travel and Tech depending on your diving requirements.

Note 2: The BlackTip Travel can be adjusted to either float trim or neutral, but not both. You can reuse the larger batteries from your BlackTip Tech with the Travel Tube, but the unit will be quite bottom-heavy. If you would like to get smaller batteries, please contact us for recommendations and prices. We will also help you fine-tune your BlackTip’s trim and buoyancy with the new batteries.

Website: BlackTip Travel Tube Kit

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