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Weight Pocket
4 kg capacity

This tough weight pocket easily mounts on your waist strap and features a quick-release system in case you need to ditch your weights.

To load: Remove the inner pouch and add your lead weight. Then open zipper at top of pocket and insert pouch with hand loop pointing down. Close zipper securely.

To ditch your weights in an emergency: Open buckle in front of pocket. Bottom of pocket will open and inner pouch should drop away. If required, use hand loop to pull inner pouch out and then release.

  • 4 kg (8.8 lb) capacity
  • Outer pocket: Heavy-duty 1680 denier nylon
  • Inner pouch: Flexible 420 denier nylon

If required, you can use a Belt Slide (not included) to lock the pocket in place on your waist strap.

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