Webbing Stage Strap Kit

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Webbing Stage Strap Kit
High tensile strength nylon

This webbing-style cylinder harness is made with premium nylon webbing which resists breakage and splitting to create long-lasting rigging for stage and deco cylinders. A sewn loop at the top encircles the neck of the valve and the webbing then runs down the side of the cylinder.

Kit Contents

  • Stainless steel cylinder clamp
  • Webbing sheath for cylinder clamp
  • 2 stainless steel bolt snaps, XL size
  • Nylon webbing strap
  • Vinyl tubing
  • Elastic hose retainer

Selection Guide

  • Small: Cylinders around 14 cm (5.5 in) diameter (AL30, AL40)
  • Large: Cylinders around 18 cm (7 in) diameter (AL80)

Hoses on your stage and deco cylinders should be neatly stowed and streamlined. This helps reduce drag as well as risk of entanglement. Some divers use a single hose retainer but at XR Scuba we prefer to use 2 retainers per cylinder (especially for CCR bailout cylinders). We use 1 retainer at the top, near the shoulder of the cylinder, and another at the bottom, just above the cylinder clamp. This kit comes with 1 elastic hose retainer. You can buy another retainer here.

Cord vs. Webbing
Which material is best for your cylinder harness? The answer depends on how easily you want to adjust the 2 bolt snaps.

With a cord-style harness, the 2 bolt snaps are knotted into the cord and you cannot adjust their positions (e.g. to trim out your cylinder) without loosening and redoing the knots. Furthermore, if you want to reduce the overall distance between the bolt snaps then you may need to cut and shorten the cord itself.

With a webbing-style harness , the 2 bolt snaps slide along the webbing and are held in place with small belt slides (just like the D-rings on your shoulder straps). This makes it easier to independently adjust their positions to suit your preferences.

Cord may also stretch over time and require readjustment. Webbing tends to keep its shape for longer and also lays flat against the cylinder. However, many divers favour the simplicity of cord-style harnesses and the assurance that once the set-up is properly configured, it will not slip or change. Webbing-style harnesses are prone to the bolt snaps sliding out of position whenever the harness is removed from the cylinder.

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