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The Divesoft He/O2 Trimix Analyser is a heavier version of the Divesoft SOLO and offers additional features which are useful in a professional blending environment. These include a heavy-duty aluminium housing and a data output port.

The He/O2 offers you a choice of 3 calibration modes. Single-point calibration is the fastest, ideally using air as the calibrating gas. For more accuracy, 2-point calibration uses air and oxygen. For technical trimix dives, the 3-point calibration (using 3 gases) is recommended. If required, you can also set your analyser to measure argon.

The He/O2 uses an R22 (Molex) oxygen sensor which should last you for about 2 years and is easy to replace. Thanks to a patented invention, the He/O2 uses a solid-state helium sensor which does not need to be replaced. The internal battery is recharged using the supplied USB-2 AB cable.

Package includes:

  • Semi-hard zipper case
  • Simple flow limiter
  • USB 2.0 AB cable

Note: Supplied zipper case is not waterproof. Do not store your He/O2 in your dive bag with wet dive gear! This will cause internal corrosion and damage. To prolong sensor life, do not leave your He/O2 in a hot car during UAE summers! Always purge cylinder valves prior to use; this will clear any debris or moisture which may contaminate your He/O2 sensors.

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