Divesoft QD Flow Limiter

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The Divesoft QD Flow Limiter enables easy analysis of cylinders which are already harnessed and assembled. There is no need to remove the first stage from the cylinder valve, instead just connect the QD Flow Limiter to a LP inflator and start analysing. The QD Flow Limiter regulates gas to 0.2 l/min at 10 bar.

It is possible to use the QD Flow Limiter without the Divesoft Connection Hose, but for easier and more accurate analysis XR Scuba recommends you use the connection hose. Note, to use the QD Flow Limiter with the Divesoft He/O2 Analyser, the connection hose is required.

Note: XR Scuba recommends purging the QD Flow Limiter (and connection hose) to clear any water/debris from inside your LP inflator before connecting to your analyser. This will help protect the sensor and the analyser from excessive moisture or contamination.

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