BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead

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Dive with complete confidence thanks to the BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead. This accessory allows you to check for any failures in your BlackTip’s tube and tail seals – before even getting your scooter wet! Divers are free to leave this bulkhead on their BlackTips while diving (by installing the standard nose on top of the bulkhead).

  • All-aluminium construction
  • Neutral and trim
  • Built-in accessory / GoPro mount point
  • External pressure release port plug
  • Analog pressure gauge
  • Built-in weight compartments for fine-tuning balance
  • Handheld vacuum pump included
  • Built-in handle for easy removal
  • Extra BlackTip strap included to accommodate longer body
  • Doubles as a soup or cereal bowl in a pinch : )

Read more about the BlackTip Vacuum Bulkhead on the Dive Xtras website. Download the user guide.

Note: This bulkhead creates a vacuum inside the scooter body to confirm the integrity of all the O-rings and seals in your Blacktip – except for the two O-rings on the nose. If you suspect there is a problem with the nose O-rings, you can install the nose on top of the vacuum bulkhead (and secure with the longer strap) and go diving. Even if the nose O-rings leak, the vacuum bulkhead will protect your batteries and electronics. However, this is a temporary fix. XR Scuba recommends replacing the O-rings annually. If the problem persists, let us know so we can perform an inspection.

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