BlackTip Exploration Tube Kit

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BlackTip Exploration Tube Kit

If you need longer runtime for exploring or research missions, then you can upgrade your BlackTip with the Exploration Tube Kit which doubles the battery compartments and is rated for 70 m (230 ft). Using larger batteries, you can increase your runtime to 3 hours and your range to 8.4 km (5.2 mi).

Conversion is easy. Simply remove your existing tube (including nose cone and strap), and replace with Exploration Tube components. Your BlackTip can now accommodate 4 batteries and dive to 70 m.

Kit includes:

  • 2-part tube, splits for easier travel
  • Weighted nose
  • Freshwater/saltwater trim plate system
  • Strap
  • Universal carry handle
  • Internal battery control circuit

Note: Store your original tube components in a safe place. It is easy to switch between different tubes depending on your diving requirements.

Website: BlackTip Exploration Tube Kit

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