V Trim Weight Pouch

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Soft Lead Weight 5 lb

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V Trim Weight Pouch
Ballistic nylon with SS grommets

Aluminium twinsets (especially AL-80s) become quite buoyant as the dive progresses. This weight pouch sits in the groove between your cylinders and backplate. It allows you to fine-tune your buoyancy and trim by allowing you to add exactly the amount of weight you need.

  • Holds up to 3.2 kg (7 lb) of lead shot
  • Double closures on each side
  • Standard 27.90 cm (11 in) between grommet holes

Note: Each side of the V Trim Weight Pouch holds up to 1.6 kg (3.5 lb) of lead shot. Pull open the double closure on each side, and then carefully cut open a soft weight near the corner. Pour in the lead shot as needed. Re-seal the double closures and secure them with a nylon zip tie for added peace of mind.

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