Thinking about starting your tec CCR journey but not sure which course is right for you? Here are the key differences between the PADI Tec 40 CCR and the BSAC MOD 1 CCR.

1. Entry requirements

PADI Tec 40 CCR needs you to be at least 18 years old with PADI Rescue Diver and PADI Nitrox Diver certifications (or equivalents). However, XR Scuba recommends you hold at least a PADI Tec 40 (open-circuit) certification prior to starting your Tec 40 CCR (otherwise you may find the training to be quite overwhelming).

BSAC MOD 1 needs you to be a certified open-circuit tec diver, holding at least PADI Tec 40 (or equivalent). You also need to have at least 20 logged tec dives to 30 metres or deeper.

2. Decompression limits

PADI Tec 40 CCR limits you to a maximum of 10 minutes of decompression. To plan and execute dives requiring more than 10 mins of deco, you need to earn the PADI Tec 60 CCR certification.

BSAC MOD 1 limits you to carrying a single bailout cylinder. Depending on the size of this cylinder and your bailout SAC rate, you may plan and execute dives with more than 10 minutes of deco.

3. Depth limits and diluent gas

PADI Tec 40 CCR certifies you to dive your AP Inspiration to a maximum of 40 metres using air diluent.

With BSAC MOD 1 you have the option of increasing your depth rating to 45 metres using a trimix diluent via the MOD 1 Mixed Gas Top-up Course.

Note: If you are already a certified PADI Tec 40 CCR diver, you are eligible to take the BSAC MOD 1 Mixed Gas Top-up course. This will certify you to dive your AP Inspiration to 45 metres using a trimix diluent.