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PADI Tec 60 CCR Course
4 days, Dibba

The PADI Tec 60 CCR course focuses on the use of heliox and trimix diluents for CCR decompression diving to 60 metres (200 ft). Using an AP Inspiration eCCR, you will plan and conduct 7 dives over 4 days.


  • Certified as a PADI Tec 40 CCR Diver on the Type T CCR to be used in the Tec 60 CCR Diver course
  • At least 150 logged dives
  • At least 25 dives and 50 hours experience diving the Type T CCR to be used in the course

You are expected to have been diving your own AP Inspiration rebreather for at least 3 months prior to starting this course.

Your course fee includes helium and gas fills, CO2 absorbent, consumables, training materials, diving fees, certification fees, and instructor fees. 15% discount if you do the course with a buddy. You also get a discount code (valid for 1 year) for unlimited dive gear purchases at XR Scuba.

You can schedule your training as 1 session of 4 days, or split it to suit your schedule.

Learn more about the Tec 60 CCR course on the PADI website.


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