Metalsub Off-Board Cylinder Kit

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Metalsub Off-Board Cylinder Kit

Made by Metalsub for AP Diving, this high-quality kit enables you to easily mount AP 2-litre and 3-litre steel off-board cylinders directly on your AP Inspiration rebreather. The quick-disconnect feature lets you remove cylinders when they are not needed, or lets you use different cylinders for different dives.

The AP Inspiration range of rebreathers (EVO, EVP, and XPD) offers mounting surfaces on each side of the rebreather chassis, allowing you to mount up to 2 off-board cylinders on your unit. The base plate supplied with this kit bolts on to your rebreather chassis, while the cylinder bracket attaches to your off-board cylinder using stainless steel bands. No special tools or drilling is needed.

Kit Contents

  • Base plate
  • Cylinder bracket
  • Pair of cylinder bands (100 mm, for 2- and 3-litre steel cylinders)
  • Pair of rubber sleeves for the cylinder bands
  • Nuts and bolts to mount the base plate

Note 1: If you need extra cylinder brackets and bands to set-up additional off-board cylinders, please send us a message.

Note 2: If you intend to mount the base plate on the right-hand side of your rebreather unit (oxygen side), and your unit is either the Inspiration EVO or the Inspiration EVP, then you will need a special spacer kit. This creates adequate clearance between the base plate and the rubber catches. You do NOT need the spacer kit if you are mounting the base plate on the left-hand side (diluent side), or if your unit is the Inspiration XPD.

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