DGX Delrin Thumbwheel Nuts

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DGX Delrin Thumbwheel Nuts
Standard 5/16-18 thread size

These DGX thumbwheel nuts are milled from a solid block of Delrin thermoplastic. Delrin is lightweight and wear-resistant, with excellent dimensional stability. The outside surface is knurled to enable easier gripping and no washer is needed, so they can be easily adjusted or removed without a tool.

Sold as a pair, the imperial 5/16-18 threads fit almost every brand of doubles bolts (except for European metric bolt sizes M8 x 1.5 or M8 x 1.25, and the special oversized Highland bolts for 7.25-inch cylinders which are 3/8-18 threads).

  • Solid Delrin construction for durability
  • Easier to handle / longer lasting than metal wing nuts
  • Knurled edges for better grip when wet
  • Standard 5/16-18 thread size

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