AP Cell Validator

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AP Cell Validator
Includes 2x T-piece mesh caps

The AP Cell Validator has been designed to check oxygen control parameters including speed of response and accuracy of the oxygen cells in your AP Inspiration rebreather.

The Cell Validator test instantly shows errors in cell outputs and allows you to determine whether a cell needs calibrating or replacing. It also helps you validate oxygen controller function.

  • Allows you to prove the cells will display accurately above 1.3 bar – prior to a dive
  • Allows hyperbaric testing of oxygen cells without using a pressure chamber or external pressure gauge and without removing cells from the lid
  • Allows testing of all oxygen controller functionality including connections, calibration, solenoid operation and oxygen supply on your rebreather
  • Allows accurate, repeatable, pre-dive testing, even on a wet boat
  • Shockproof and waterproof (keep it in your dive bag)
  • Lightweight (easy to travel with)

When installed, the Cell Validator seals the scrubber and is ideal for scrubber storage between dives. 2x T-piece mesh caps are included, which prevent insects from entering the counterlungs during storage.

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