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AP Railtail Sidemount Butt-Plate

The AP Railtail is designed specifically for sidemount bailout cylinder attachment for the AP Inspiration range of rebreathers.

The Railtail butt-Plate is ideal for attaching sidemount cylinders, holding them securely at their rear in position along the line of the diver’s body without either flapping together or drifting outwards. Cylinder security and positioning is maintained both in-water and out.

  • Bungee stowage points for accessories such as lift-bags, reels or marker buoys
  • Stiffened internally to provide a cylinder separation platform
  • Large stainless steel attachment rails for easy clipping on

Note: The Railtail fits any model AP rebreather via the lower case bolt. There are 3 eyelets for height adjustment and a loop at the rear (for a crotch strap). Some AP rebreather models have a shorter case bolt. This should be replaced by the 25 mm case bolt which is included with the Railtail.

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