BlackTip Prep Package

AED 1,000.00

3-Point Tow Harness

Modular Camera Mount

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The popular BlackTip Prep Package from XR Scuba offers excellent value and convenience!

Package includes:

  • Ballast tuning for neutral buoyancy in UAE saltwater
  • Front bolt snap kit with installation
  • 90-minute hands-on BlackTip orientation workshop (features, set-up, use, and post-dive care)
  • Discounted PADI DPV Diver Course (e-Learning fee included) (conducted in Dibba)

Note: If you add-on the BlackTip Prep Package, your DPV will not be shipped to you. Instead you will receive your PADI e-Learning code. After you have completed the e-Learning, we will schedule your Orientation Workshop and DPV Diver Course (1 day, Dibba). You will receive your BlackTip DPV on that day.