PADI Trimix Gas Blender Upgrade

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Divesoft SOLO Trimix Analyser

PADI Gas Blender Manual

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PADI Trimix Gas Blender Upgrade
1 day, Dibba

Upgrade your PADI Nitrox Blender certification and learn how to blend Trimix for technical diving using the popular partial pressure blending method. This hands-on upgrade introduces you to blending with helium.


Your course fee does not include the PADI Gas Blender Manual. It is assumed you will reuse the student manual from your Nitrox Blender course. 10% discount if you do the course with a buddy.

Note: Self-study is required for this course. You need to completely read the trimix sections of the student manual prior to scheduling your practical blending workshop. A written exam (80% pass mark) will test your understanding of the knowledge presented in the student manual.