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Mini SPG
2.5 cm face, bar

When you do not need an exact pressure reading, these Mini SPGs are well worth considering (especially for deco cylinders and drysuit inflation bottles). At XR Scuba we like them because they not only reduce hose clutter, but also remove several failure points (such as the tiny double O-rings inside the spool).

  • Screws directly into your regulator’s HP port
  • Large 2.5 cm (1″) face for easy reading
  • Rated up to 350 bar
  • Clear polycarbonate cover
  • Nitrox-ready O-ring

Caution: Take care not to over-tighten your button SPG during installation. Excessive force will warp the SPG body which will cause the face cover to leak or fall out entirely. The correct installation technique is to hand-tighten as much as possible, and then slightly tighten with a suitable wrench. Remember, it is the O-ring which creates the high-pressure seal… not the metal threads.

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