45-Degree Oral Power Inflator

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45-Degree Oral Power Inflator

The ever-popular K-style 45-degree oral and power inflator. It features the Schrader-style BC quick-disconnect which works with the majority of low-pressure BC inflator hoses. The fitting accepts the 2.5 cm (1 in) inside diameter (ID) corrugated rubber hose found on most tec wings. Includes a removable mouth guard and a metal pin for the pull-to-dump cable.

Note: The metal pin is required only if your wing offers the pull-to-dump feature. You may safely install the inflator without the pin if your wing does not have a control cable inside the corrugated hose.

Caution: Your wing’s corrugated hose may use small hose clamps to secure the oral/power inflator assembly. Some wings use nylon zip ties instead of hose clamps. Whichever method is used, you must ensure the inflator assembly is securely attached to the corrugated hose. If the inflator assembly detaches from the corrugated hose during a dive, you will instantly lose most of your buoyancy! XR Scuba suggests you have the inflator assembly installed and tested by a professional dive technician.

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