Upgrade to PADI Tec Trimix Diver

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Upgrade to PADI Tec Trimix Diver
3 days, Dibba

Once you have mastered trimix diving at the normoxic level, it is time to explore the outer edge of technical diving. This upgrade continues your XR (extended range) journey with hypoxic blends and valuable techniques. It is a challenging course, but once you earn this tough certification there are few limits.

The Upgrade to Tec Trimix expects you to flawlessly plan and execute 3 training dives:

  • Trimix dive to 70 metres
  • Trimix dive to 80 metres
  • Trimix dive to 90 metres


  • PADI Tec 65 Diver
  • At least 1 logged trimix deco dive (deeper than 40 m) in the last 6 months

Your course fee includes all gases, diving fees, certification fees, and instructor fees. 20% discount if you do the course with a buddy.

You also get a discount code (valid for 1 year) for unlimited dive gear purchases at XR Scuba.

You can schedule your training as 1 session of 3 days, or split your training to suit your schedule.

Note: XR Scuba approaches trimix gas selection from the perspective of gas density, rather than the outdated END methodology. Our trimix blends aim for 5.2 g/l which typically equates to less than 30 m of END. We also add helium to our decompression mixes to mitigate the risk of isobaric counter diffusion. These strategies require a little extra helium but we consider this a small price to pay for added safety.

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