Tec Wing 50 lb

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Optimised for twinset diving with up to two 15 litre (100 cu ft ) cylinders.

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IST Tec Wing
50 lb lift

Constructed from tear-resistant material and featuring a durable anti-corrosion zip, this twinset wing’s outer shell utilises special 3-dimensional cutting which increases streamlining without sacrificing lift.

The rugged outer shell encloses a circular bladder, both made of TPU coated nylon. There are 2 grommets in the bottom of the outer shell for easy drainage when you exit the water.

  • Optimised for twinset diving (up to two 15 litre / 100 cu ft cylinders)
  • Buoyancy: 50 lb (22.7 kg)
  • Style: Circular doughnut
  • Shell: 1680 denier TPU coated nylon
  • Bladder: 420 denier TPU coated nylon
  • Distance between mounting grommets: 27.9 cm (11 in)
  • K-style inflator (40.6 cm / 16 in length)
  • Includes BC inflator hose

Note: Using this twinset wing with a single cylinder will create undesirable drag and may also affect your trim. If you frequently dive a single cylinder, then XR Scuba recommends using the 30 lb Wing for more enjoyable dives.

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